APAS provides an aircraft storage facility that caters for short, medium and long term storage needs for the airline industry. The formation of the APAS facility is an extremely exciting step for the Australian aviation sector, representing the first Asia-Pacific based alternative for customers with aircraft based, or operating through the region.

Our objective is to establish APAS as the leading storage facility in Asia Pacific, and in the process, offer a local alternative for Asia Pacific based airlines which have to date, had no other option than to ferry their aircraft at significant expense to the other side of the globe.

Located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, the facility is based in a dry arid environment ideally suited for the storage and preservation of aircraft. Operating from a 100Ha site within the Alice Springs Airport complex, which occupies 3,550 hectares, the facility has almost unlimited expansion capabilities.

With growth forecasts for the Oceania region outpacing the rest of the world, the APAS facility is ideally situated to cater for the demands of rapidly changing fleet requirements.

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Aircraft Storage – Facility Features

  • The first purpose built aircraft storage and recycling facility for Asia Pacific
  • Dry, arid, low humidity environment ideal for the preservation of aircraft
  • Proximity to Asia delivers flexibility for customers operating aircraft throughout the Asia Pacific region
  • Same time zone for Asia Pacific based customers
  • Effectively no sovereign risk
  • Autonomous site access
  • 24/7 operations with no flight restrictions
  • Full support of Alice Springs Airport