Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage has worldwide availability for Engine Stand Leasing services. We hold several OEM Engine Transport Stands, specifically designed for PW1100 engines. Our high-quality stands ensure the safe and efficient handling of your aircraft engines during maintenance and transportation. Our collection includes OEM stands from both Dedienne Aerospace and AGSE, ensuring compatibility, safety, and reliability.

In addition, APAS also holds an A320neo PW1100 Bootstrap Kit which may be available depending on operational requirements. Contact us at for leasing enquiries related to the A320neo PW1100 Bootstrap kit.

Blue Dedienne Aero PW1100 engine stand, featuring a robust frame with adjustable mounting arms and wheeled undercarriage for maneuverability.
AGSE yellow PW1100 engine stand supporting a large aircraft engine in a maintenance facility, highlighting the stand's heavy-duty wheels and stabilization structures

Dedienne Aero PW1100 Basic Stand:

  • Tailored for PW1100 engine models.
  • Features easy maneuverability and secure engine mounting.
  • Ideal for maintenance and short-term storage.

Download Dedienne Aero PW1100 Stand Brochure

AGSE E262 Transportation Stand for PW1100G/PW1400G Engines:

  • Designed for the safe transportation of PW1100G and PW1400G engines.
  • Compact and efficient, facilitating easy loading and unloading.
  • Durable construction for long-term reliability.

Download AGSE PW1100/PW1400 Stand Brochure

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Navigating PW1100 Engine Challenges: Aircraft Storage and Engine Stand Solutions

Contaminated powder metal parts are challenging the global Airbus A320neo-family aircraft fleet with PW1100 engines. These issues affect high-pressure turbine disks, necessitating thorough inspections and replacements. Consequently, experts expect these aircraft to remain grounded through 2024 and 2025, with estimated inspection and repair turnaround times ranging from 250 to 300 days.

During this challenging period, Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (APAS) provides crucial support with specialized services. APAS offers secure aircraft storage solutions as operators deal with extended groundings, ensuring optimal condition maintenance for grounded aircraft. Furthermore, APAS’s engine stand leasing service, specifically designed for PW1100 engines, plays a vital role in supporting engine maintenance and overhaul, meeting the urgent demand for reliable and safe handling throughout the extensive inspection and repair process.

This combination of aircraft storage and engine stand leasing presents a comprehensive solution for airlines and operators affected by the PW1100 engine issues, helping to mitigate operational disruptions during this challenging period.