Airport Capabilities

Alice Springs Airport is capable of taking code E-type Aircraft B777/B747 and certified for A380

  • Capable of accepting all aircraft type, up to and included A380
  • 24/7 access
  • ILS Cat 1
  • Air BP and shell refuelling
  • Cat 6 firefighting services

Location Advantages

  • Fast Asian deployment
  • Safe, legal environment
  • Tax advantages
  • Competitive storage rates
  • Reduced ferry costs
  • Same timezone to Asia

Runway Information

Magnetic Bearing: Runway 12/30 Bearing 115 (Principal Runway)

Reference Code: Code 4

Length / Width / Slope: 2438m x 45m, slope down at 0.3% to the southeast

Graded Strip: Approaches: Rwy 12 1.20% take-off gradient

Rwy 30 2.12% take off gradient

Pavement type and rating: PCN 60 Flexible high strength sub-grade

Tyre Pressure 1750kPa or 254 PSI – Determined by Aircraft usage Runway grooved.

Type A Chart – Edition 1 May 2004

Runway 12/30 Turning Nodes

The current node configurations allow for B747/B777/A380 to conduct 180 starboard turns. The current node configurations allow for B747/B777/A380/A340 to conduct 180 starboard turns. The node line is designed for standard A340-600 / B777-300ER wheel deflections. All other aircraft are to use minimum speed and maximum radius turns to avoid pavement damage.

Approach Lighting

Runway 12/30 T-VASIS

Runway 12 HIAL-CAT1

Note 0930-2200 UTC HIRL & HIAL only

Available with 90 minutes prior notice.

Curfew and Noise Abatement

Alice Springs Airport is open 24/7 and there are no restricted flight paths for noise abatement procedures.