APAS Granted CAAP Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval

Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (APAS) is pleased to announce our recent approval as a CAAP Part 145 Maintenance Organisation. This milestone underlines our commitment to delivering exceptional aviation services in the Asia-Pacific region. Expanded Service Portfolio This certification empowers APAS to offer a wider range of maintenance services for the following aircraft and engine types: […] Read More

Airbus A330-300 Arrival – Short Term Storage

Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (APAS), a prominent entity in the aircraft storage and maintenance domain, recently achieved a notable milestone in its operations. The company proudly announced the reception of its first European registered aircraft, an Airbus A330-300, designated for short-term storage. This event marks a significant expansion in APAS’s service portfolio, specifically highlighting its […] Read More

Making business take off in Alice Springs

By Hugh Arnold (Australian Financial Review) The dry heart of Australia is an unforgiving climate. In Alice Springs, however, the almost moistureless atmosphere average humidity 25 per cent, surprisingly low dust, low cyclone, low rainfall was a key factor for Tom Vincent six years ago when he found just the right property for his 100 […] Read More